Vintage Furniture Revamp Ideas from Raval Warehouse

Photos: Raval Warehouse.

One of the basics of green living is reducing waste, and one of the best ways to go green when thinking about furniture is buying vintage. Of course vintage is not always attractive and sometimes it's hard to make it look modern and cool if you're not into it. Enter Raval Warehouse, a design shop in Buenos Aires that refurbishes old pieces of furniture and objects into modern items by mix and matching styles to make them look edgy. But even if you're not in the city, their designs are a great source of inspiration for revamping old furniture.

Find out more and check larger pics in the extended.If you're interested in Raval Warehouse's pieces, they sell at two stores, one in Buenos Aires (4758 Gorriti, Palermo neighborhood) and the other in a northern suburb of the city (Bajo de San Isidro, San Isidro).

For those outside Argentina looking for some inspiration, take a look at the cool looking pieces and find more on refurbishing furniture at the bottom of the post.

Raval Warehouse
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