Vilela Building by Joselevich Rascovski Adds Vertical Gardens to Buenos Aires

You probably know how much we love buildings with green walls: they cool interiors in the summer, help keep cities cooler by preventing the 'heat island' effect, capture carbon dioxide, and even absorb noise, and invite natural life.

Now Buenos Aires just got a new one in this cool housing project by Joselevick Rascovski architects. And the wall is not the only thing green about it, find out more in the extended!Vilela Building by Joselevich Rascovsky

Designed by Irene Joselevich, Ana Rascovsky, and Billy Gutraich, and located in Nuñez neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the project consists of a glass box surrounded by a green wall or 'plants curtain'.

The structure holds ten apartments, all different, and because of a special placement in 'C' form managed to achieve a 25 meters façade.

A scheme showing the living wall.

The glass box allows the maximum exterior view, while the living wall creates privacy, controls the heat, and the indoor and outdoor air quality. It also allows an interaction with nature and gives the building a changing face as the seasons pass. By cutting some parts of the wall, each owner can have more or less covering of their places.

The wall is maintained by an irrigation system especially designed for the building and gardens.

Side cut of the building.

Another positive point of the building is the attention to outdoor space: half the apartments have an exterior space that is as big as 50% of the size of the place.

More pictures below, and for more information contact the architects through their website (link at the bottom).

Inner patios showing the growing green wall.

Another view of the patio.

One of the large terraces in half the apartments.

The front of the building.

A view from the street.

Joselevick Rascovski

Via La Nacion newspaper.

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