Vanishing Creatures Chocolates Feature Zero-Waste Packaging With Bonus Surprise

Photo credit: Vanishing Creatures Chocolates

When you've been reporting about sustainability in design as long as we have, well, jaded doesn't even begin to cover it. So it's no small feat when something rocks our proverbial socks off as much as Vanishing Creatures Chocolates did at the New York International Gift Fair this past week. In fact, the Los Angeles-based company, which is relaunching this fall, was our pick of the 200-odd litter for the show's Accent on Design 2009 Bloggers' Choice Awards, not only for its do-gooding schtick, but also because its ingenious packaging offers two gifts in one--three, if you count the donation Vanishing Creatures makes to wildlife conservation efforts.Featuring organic, fair-trade chocolate hand-carved to resemble five highly endangered animals (hippo, gorilla, elephant, koala, polar bear), Vanishing Creatures seeks to draw attention to the plight of the planet's fragile species.

And once the chocolate has been eaten, the multipurpose products leave behind virtually no waste. The individual animal busts are packaged in recycled plastic and bamboo boxes that transform into soy-candle holders, while the bamboo and recycled-cardboard containers that house the baby animal figures turns into a bird feeder, complete with included birdseed.

Photo credit: Vanishing Creatures Chocolates

Photo credit: Vanishing Creatures Chocolates

Photo credit: Vanishing Creatures Chocolates
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