Triple Treat: Prefab Garden Shed With a Green Roof

Colin Viebrock needed a new garage on his house a few years ago, and decided to make it green, topping it off with a green roof. He blogged about it, got some good press and the next thing he knew, he was in the green garage and shed business. Everyone in Toronto has massive new recycling and garbage containers, as well as green bins for raccoon dinner compost, creating a big market for sheds.

Completely by chance I met Colin while he was installing a green roof on the top of a prefabricated modern shed, combining three of my favourite topics in one post. The owner got permission from the City to install it in the front yard (much of which is on City property), so it is a very public display of modern green shed design.

Colin Veebrock Builds a Green Roof from Lloyd Alter on Vimeo.

I interview Colin about his shed business.

Colin prefabricates the shed walls in his green garage, to minimize time on site and beat the autumn rain.

Even though it is just a shed, he has a full EPDM membrane, a dimpled plastic drainage layer and another special filter cloth with integral drainage layer on top of that.

There is quite a tilt on the roof as well, so there is little chance of the drainage path getting clogged.

Colin was lucky on this job, there is a stairway up to the neighbours' house right beside the shed, which makes it easier to carry up the dirt; usually he is climbing a ladder.

It will be planted with sedums, wild strawberries and chives.

There are so many things to like about Colin Viebrock's green garages and sheds. He has a modern sensibility, he is a public advocate for green roofs, and he has demonstrated that if you want a green job in today's world you can go out and make it yourself. More at Green Garage.

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