Trend Watch: "Green Wrap" Virus Spreading As Major Bank Turns Plant Wall Into Billboard

Looks like it's design flu season.

PNC Financial Services Group, based in Pittsburgh PA, has built a plant-covered exterior wall, "to make its headquarters building more energy-efficient." Looking like one of those huge billboards seen along an interstate highway (as pictured), PNC's green wall "features a variety of regional plants grown into living art." Designers estimate it will be cooler behind the wall, which will cut the air conditioning load some, in summer. Otherwise, it is a billboard.

No way to tell from the press release if the water that supports this living billboard is supplemented by storm water or if it is a net water consumer, how much electricity is consumed pumping water, or if it is flood-lit at night.

Pittsburghers...let us know, won't you?. Lloyd coined "green wrapping" 2 years back when he wrote Greenwash Watch: Greenwrapping: Solar Panels on a New Gas Fired Generator.

I really hope doing this to street-facing walls does not catch on as an architectural fad. People who will never read TreeHugger are going to glance at them and think "billboard." That thought is only a short step from seeing all green walls and roofs as things city government has no business promoting - overlooking real prospective benefits.

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