What king of expo would have a "Photo catalystic steel plate roof", where water [that] pours over sheet-iron coated with oxidized titanium, an optical catalyst, forms a thin film because of its diminished surface tension?The resulting accelerated evaporation by sunlight consumes more ambient latent heat, thus more quickly lowering the temperature beneath the roof.

And has a 90-meter long bamboo dome, being constructed because there is too much of it growing in the area?

With construction techniques like the one shown above?

And a biodegradable plastic exterior building wall like the one shown below?

And a press wood chip composite walkway system like this one shown below?

And water fountains made with recycled ceramics like these?

Well...that would have to be the same exhibition that has a Siberian Mammoth visitors will watch as it thaws.

And its called the EXPO 2005 in Aichi Japan


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