Tree Shaped Structure Of Mexican Apartment Is Stronger, Safer, But Uses Less Material

The Nicolas San Juan apartment building by Mexican studio Taller 13 is green wherever you look: it has solar water heating, rainwater collection, proper wall isolation, uses certified wood and non toxic paint, and it even has a waste management system. It will also have a green rooftop with a cool bamboo structure and green balconies when the plants start growing.
But its most interesting feature is perhaps its structure, which is inspired by the surrounding trees and was co-designed with structural engineers with a seismic performance in mind. This shape helped optimize the use of material and its resistance, according to the studio.

Closeup on the structure.

Another very cool feature perhaps not so usual in large apartment buildings -except in this beautiful project by Dieguez Fridman in Buenos Aires- is the central patio, which allows cross ventilation and temperature control.

Note the lovely detail of the rock filled guards with plants in each floor, and the cool bamboo structure showing on top of the open space.

A render showing the whole project.

One view of the central patio with lovely planter-guards.

Another view of the patio towards the rooftop.

The building (via Plataforma Arquitectura) has seven apartments of two and three levels, so it's generous in the living space department. It's located in Colonia del Valle, Mexico City.

Bamboo structure at the rooftop.

Night view.

More at the architects website.

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