Transformer Furniture: Boxetti All Folds Up Into Boxes

The essence of minimalism- a place for everything and everything in its place. Latvian designer Rolands Landsbergs gives us Boxetti, where everything just goes away when you are done with it, leaving you with nothing but....boxes. He says that the "collection is driven by three basic design principles - functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each of Boxetti modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency of particular demands for functionality and suitability."

So when everything is folded away you have the choice of making the room a bedroom, kitchen entertainment area or whatever. It doesn't appear to save a lot of space, but it is ingenious.

The way the desk pivots out of the wall is interesting;

and of course, the murphy bed. Roland writes:

The capability of the modules to be transformed into compactly solid blocks is essential for the design concept in order to obtain an unobstructed and comfortable space - free of uselessness.

All handmade and no doubt very expensive, at Boxetti. Clever website, too. It's everywhere today, Materialicous, Yanko and Shedworking

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