Townhouses For Bikers Pack Them In Tight

North American housing is so generic- my first boss said that there are only four house plans in the world and all architects are doing is pushing them around a bit. But sometimes people have different needs, and end up with different answers.

In Tokyo, the wonderfully named Love Architecture have designed a townhouse project for people who love their motorcycles. And they pack them in; those units don't look more than eight feet wide. We talk often about the need to increase density, but this is pushing the edge of the envelope.

The ground floor is for the bike;

and at the back of the ground floor is the bathroom (and not a whole lot of privacy-in the last picture you can see the toilet from the street!)

The second floor has the kitchen.

No doubt this will be in Stair Porn tomorrow.

It is a lot of house in such a narrow width. From What We Do Is Secret
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