The Courtyard House Copes with Crowds

Juliana Sohn in Dwell

The courtyard house that is the home, office and triumph of Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan is a five minute bike ride from my home, yet I had only seen Juliana Sohn's pictures of it in Dwell Magazine until yesterday, when it was open to the public. It was part of Doors Open Toronto and acting as an art gallery. It looked serene and very elegant in Dwell, but how does it hold up in a crowd?

The answer is, surprisingly well. The warmth of the wood, the masterful play of light, it worked wonderfully as an art gallery.

The office area was very popular and very crowded,

Rob Fiocca from Studiojunction

and why not, who would not want to be in such a space.

Christine washing dishes and capably dealing with the inevitable question "how much did it cost per square foot?"

Rob Fiocca from Studiojunction

The kitchen in normal circumstances.

inside the studio/workshop

Looking toward the studio in normal circumstances

The storage stair, serving a useful function of keeping people out of the second floor.

See better pictures at the designers' website StudioJunction and in Dwell

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