Super Summer Project: Two Young Designers, One Idea A Day

All images credit 01Mathery Project

After seeing this lovely bike basket made from pine cones on Recyclart, , I learned of O1Mathery, a project subtitled "Two young designers-One idea a day," where from the end of one school year to the start of the second, they really did come up with a clever design every day.
All images credit 01Mathery Project

Some are clever and some are silly, like this oven. Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli write:

My computer reaches high temperature when it' s working! Why do not take advantage of it?? You bring food from home and heat it!

I think there would be a real market for this TV Dinner tray, that has a built-in apron so that you never drop food on your lap again.

There are so many interesting, innovative and creative reuse and repurposing ideas, like this key storage system made from RCA jacks. And I am only back as far as September! More to come, and I will be watching their new project carefully! More at 01Mathery

Many of these are what Charles Jencks called Adhocism.

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