Stair of the Day: Andrew Maynard's Tattoo House

TreeHugger favourite Andrew Maynard was on a budget with his Tattoo House in Fitzroy North, Australia, and writes "Every element needed to perform multiple functions for maximum return- hence the kitchen bench becomes part of the stair."

I am not sure much money is saved by walking on the kitchen counter....

But it certainly is an economical use of materials, and very elegant.

Maynard solved another problem, a local rule that demanded that 75% of a second storey be opaque to minimize overlook into the neighbours' yards, by putting stickers on the windows.

The tree supergraphic creates playful and ever-changing shadows across the interior spaces and is composed of images taken in the local park.

Despite these challenges a double story, non-domestic scale space was achieved with a basic palette of materials.

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