Shipping Container Home Prototype in Buenos Aires

Photos: Marca Futuro and Paula Alvarado.

How much do we love shipping container houses? They're built inside recycled structures, encourage people to live with less and let's face it: they look cool.

Here's a new prototype from Buenos Aires, built for the interior design exhibition Casa FOA. Basic on the outside, creative on the inside.

Take a tour inside the post.The house has four spaces inside and an additional one outside: a roof terrace. The living room and kitchen are pretty basic and functional, though the bedroom has some nice details like a hidden office below a retractable bed and a wardrobe inside one of the separating walls.

Some of the features of the home are insulation for better control of temperature, lighting powered by LEDs, and surfaces covered with bonded leather and wood from sustainably managed forests. The terrace has a small piece of 'green roof' also for temperature control, and a small solar panel (not enough to power the home, but still).

As mentioned, the house is not groundbreaking but has a great look and comfort for a 24 sq. meters space (258 sq. feet), and nice details. Take a look at the pictures below. More info at Verde es bueno (in Spanish).

The living room.

Kitchen-dining room.

Mini office.

Hidden wardrobe.

Bedroom from outside the home.

Roof terrace.

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