Remade: Cool Tables Crafted from Door and Window Factory Scrap

Photos: Courtesy of Remade in Chile.

After the great looking puff with recycled tights, comes more from the latest edition of Remade in Chile. These two tables were produced with discarded pieces from factories of doors, windows, and frames by Chilean design students.

The first table, detailed above, was designed by Francisca Perez with scraps from a door frames factory. These pieces were worked together in the surface and 21 legs of the cute looking table.

The second, below, was produced by Gonzalo Vargas with 36 pieces of PVC, discarded from a doors and windows factory.

Even though both seem pretty artisan made and will not probably solve any waste issues, they seem like nice ideas to implement at home if you have small pieces of wood laying around.

For more on Remade, take a look at this interview with Marco Capellini, creator of the network.

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