Too Cute to Refuse: Adorable Bird Ornaments From Recycled Timber Offcuts

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If you've ever wondered what to do with wood offcuts, Norwegian designer Lars Beller might have an egg of an idea for you. The graduate of Bergen National Academy of the Arts got the idea to create these charming "Re-turned" bird ornaments during dumpster foraging trips where he encountered lots of broken furniture.

© Grandpeople

Using traditional woodturning techniques to produce these beautifully crafted prototypes, Beller handcrafts each one from from salvaged wood furniture or timber offcuts, resulting in decorative pieces that are subtle yet appealing:

The “Re-turned”-concepts elevates leftover wood from being merely an ignored piece of trash to becoming a desired piece of feel-good woodcraft. A 100% recycled item, perfect as a housewarming-gift to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature.

Perhaps they were once the part of a loving household as a supportive table-leg or an armrest. Perhaps they never made it from their roots in the woods and into a finished piece of furniture, but got cut off somewhere along the way. Either way, they’re given a new shot at life as a perfect starting point for a “Re-turned”-bird.

© Grandpeople
© Grandpeople

The birds are full of character, down to their unique wood grain patterning; they are also packaged in wonderfully minimal, recycled cardboard containers designed by Grandpeople. Expect these wooden fowl to make an official launch later this year via Discipline, and check out more recycled product design on Lars Beller's website.

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