Recycled Cardboard Accessories by Diseno Cartonero

Photos: Diseno Cartonero.

The first edition of Sustentable, a design festival entirely dedicated to sustainability and green design, is proving that Buenos Aires is ready to embrace the environmental movement. The event gathered a good amount and quality of designers, which offer a panorama of the state of green design in the city these days. Plus, even in a rainy weekend, it received a great amount of public in the workshops and presentations.

Many of the featured designers in the show are already part of TreeHugger's archives, but there were some new faces too. In this post we bring you Diseno Cartonero (something like waste-picker design). Find out in the extended.Diseno Cartonero is a project by Entre Rios province designer Santiago Morahan, who works with urban garbage collectors (aka Cartoneros) buying them materials at a higher price than the one they would get in recycling facilities, and turning those materials into a series of products.

So far he has the 'Stool with pocket', which was the one featured at Sustentable festival, the three parts stool, a lamp, two magazine holders, and two models of pencil boxes. All solid looking even made with recovered cardboard.

Santiago lives in Parana, capital of Eastern Entre Rios province, and can be reached through his blog, Diseno Cartonero. As Marco Capellini says, Latin American designers are experts in doing simple yet interesting design with reused materials.

Pictures of the products:

Recycled cardboard stool.

Cardboard lamps.

One of the magazine holders.

Another model of magazine holder.

A third picture of the magazine holders.

The cool recycled cardboard pencil box.

Another model of pencil box.

The three part stool.

Diseno Cartonero

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