"Re-Furnished" Recycled Cardboard Chairs from University of Idaho Student Designers

TreeHugger loves to see green student design (and we want to see more!); since they'll be designing the next generation of products we use, the greener they can be, the better. These examples are from a project called "Re-Furnished" from the University of Idaho; students were challenged to create functional furniture out of found or used cardboard, and they came up with some pretty compelling final products.

Cardboard, especially when its recycled, can be a very green--and surprisingly versatile and durable--material. Above are two of the student designs from the class; hit the jump for five more student designs and for more of our previous cardboard coverage.

Somewhat reminiscent of Julian Lwin's biodegradable biotube bench, this bench combines a handful of cardboard tubes with a neat, almost braided, design for the seat.

We like this curvy stool, which uses pressed corrugated cardboard to create a solid structure, and hides some storage inside.

Using a similar technique, this geometric, sturdy-looking stool looks like it could take on a number of functions.

This solid lounger looks like it was a labor of love, painstakingly created with hundreds of sandwiched layers.

Lastly, we like the different textures created by the different materials in this chair. Below are lists of some of the other cardboard coverage from TreeHugger.

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