Raising the Bar for Recycling: Architect Repurposes Old Electronics

We have noted before that there are a lot of other Rs that are more effective than recycling, including reuse, rot (compost) repurpose, repair, return, refill and most importantly, refuse.

In Melbourne, Australia, 10 architects were challenged to "use recycled materials to design components of a working licensed bar." Mark McQuilten of Architectus sent us pictures of his work. He turns old circuit boards and motherboards into a map of Melbourne.

Mark describes the work:

Reusing old circuitboards and motherboards, whose layouts and components are reminiscent of a miniature metropolis, Melbourne's distinct Hoddle grid is mapped and illuminated with fairly lights glowing through holes and transparent areas.

Recycled plywood used to form some of the concrete construction around Melbourne is stenciled with road line-marking paint to articulate roads and features: a modern-day Nolli diagram.

Raising the bar
is part of the State of Design Festival. No word about whether it will be reused, repurposed or removed when the show is over. And Mark, get rid of that patio heater.

Concept + Design: Mark McQuilten

Construction: Mark McQuilten, Amy Cantwell, Brendan Clarke, Daniel Pike, Justin Phillips, Justine Brennan, David Sainsbery, Mariko Whittaker, Hector Vazquez, Ruth Wilson, Geneviève Guay, Mark Gifford, John Wood, Hayley Croom

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