Pretty Crazy Small, Hammock-Shaped Home With Recycled Materials In Paraguay

Photos: Andrea Parisi.

If you've been to any part of South America you're probably familiar with the Paraguayan hammock, a sort of knitted textile bed hanging from two poles very typical of areas with hot weather.

Inspired by this item Paraguayans are pretty proud of, architect Javier Corvalan of +Laboratorio de Arquitectura came up with this amazing looking home that not only looks, but also works as a hammock in its structure. Apart from creative, the home is also small, fresh, and constructed with salvaged materials.The structure of the home (vía Plataforma Arquitectura) is tricky, but can be seen in the scheme below: two inclined iron arcades on each side of the home hold the catenary that makes the ceiling. In order to keep them rigid, their are fixed to the inclined cube that holds the home and the inclined walls that surround the patio.

The 860 sq. feet house (753 covered) is built with mixed, cheap materials that, according to the architects, were recovered from previous works.

As you can see from the pictures, the home also has some good shading/light, and cross-ventilation balance, much needed in Paraguay's very hot weather.

Very cool to see simple, recovered materials used in such a creative way. More on +Laboratorio Arquitectura at their website.

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