Poetry Instead of Advertising Graces Indianapolis Bus Shelters

If you have to wait for a bus, the place to do it is Indianapolis. Everywhere else, bus shelters are treated less like civic amenities and more like billboards. But instead of covering them with advertisements, they showcase poetry, chosen in a competition. Architect Donna Sink designed the bus stops out of 3form ecoresins made from 40% recycled resin, on foundations of photocatalytic cement which absorbs pollution. (How? Tim explained in It Slices, It Dices: Pollution Eating Concrete) More in Archinect.

The Infrastructurist does a great roundup of 9 Fascinating and Futuristic Bus Stops, including this very cool one by Oscar Niemeyer, the 101 year old still-practicing architect who designed the city of Brazilia.

The roundup includes a few TreeHugger faves:

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