Off-Grid House Made Of Recycled Steel Goes Anywhere

Photo courtesy of Michael Jantzen

The Homestead House is an off-grid prefab concept made from recycled steel by designer Michael Jantzen.

The house makes use of prefabricated, commercially available steel which makes it both low in cost and extremely modular. In fact, it makes the size and shape of the structure completely customizable - not to mention really tough!

And the house is fully recyclable as it can be easily torn down and erected in different location.

Photo courtesy of Michael Jantzen

Within the tough outer steel shell is another structure made of a lighter gauge material. The inner shell is insulated by ground up newspapers and magazines.

Now you can feel less guilty about receiving the print edition of Dwell.

Photo courtesy of Michael Jantzen

The system is completely off-grid with its photovoltaic solar panels and a small wind turbine. Its climate is controlled via passive solar. The arches also collect rainwater which can be directed to above or below ground storage. Above ground storage would also be solar heated.

Photo courtesy of Michael Jantzen

Photo courtesy of Michael Jantzen

Source: World Architecture News

Tags: Architecture | Renewable Energy | Solar Energy


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