Neat Multi-Purpose Recycled Cardboard Table by Diseno Cartonero

Courtesy of Diseno Cartonero.

From the same folk that delighted us with those terribly cool 8 recycled cardboard accessories some time ago, comes this neat multi-purpose coffee table that dubs as a magazine holder and front desk. It's made entirely from recycled cardboard that designer Santiago Morahan buys from urban garbage collectors (aka Cartoneros) at a higher price than the one they would get in recycling facilities, and therefore it's not only socially conscious but entirely recyclable. See the various uses of the table inside.
The table as a magazine holder.

Table as a front desk.

As mentioned in our previous article, Morahan is from Entre Rios province in the north east of Argentina, and has been working with recycled cardboard since 2007.

This table is part of a series of products that take the most advantage of cardboard by working with these sheets built with thin straps of the material glued or assembled together.

Detail of the table.

Another detail.

For more on the work of the designer, visit his blog.

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