Moto Designshop Figures Out a New Way To Deal With Cars

Cars are not only a problem on the road, they are a real problem in house designs, particularly on narrow lots. In most townhouses built with garages the bulk of the facade is lost to an ugly door, and the occupant gets no light from the front. A Weekly Dose of Architecture presents an innovative way of avoiding this.

Moto Designshop has come up with an elegant, if expensive solution, an "animated facade". What would normally be a garage at grade is a parking space on a lift with a green roof on top- you drive in, drop the car into the basement and voila, you have a green front courtyard.

The Grid House, being built in Philadelphia, also has a moving wood screen as well, so that the courtyard can also be private green space. It is a really clever solution to a difficult problem- how to deal with cars on an 18 foot wide house.

Because the walls are glass you can admire your car;

Press a button and drop it into the cellar;

And admire the view across your green roof.

The drawing shows the different options for the garages and facades.

They are pretty good with a mouse, too; the renderings are almost photographic.

Lots of light and natural ventilation on an urban site. A high-end solution for "one of the most sophisticated town homes in the City". More at a weekly dose of architecture and Moto Designshop

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