More Detail On Apple's New Foster-Designed Headquarters

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I am a huge fan of Norman Foster and an Apple fanboy, but no fan of Apple's self-centered, isolated new office park hidden behind a wall of parking garages. But after the abuse I took from commenters in One Ring to Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them: Apple's New Headquarters, I will refrain from discussing urban design and just say wow, that's some spaceship.

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It is actually a thing of beauty, as one would expect from Norman Foster, with ARUP doing the engineering. In the application to the City of Cupertino, the applicant writes:

Apple proposes to create Apple Campus 2- an integrated 21st century campus surrounded by green space. This new development will provide a serene and secure environment reflecting Apple's values of innovation, ease of use and beauty. The state of the art office, research and development facilities include strategies to minimize energy demand, reduce car travel and increase the use of reclaimed water.

The single building comprises approximately 2.8 million square feet over four stories. Campus amenities will include a striking café within the main building, a separate corporate fitness centre and a corporate auditorium seating 1,000 people.

Parking will be provided under the main building and in one multi-storey parking structure along the 280 freeway. The campus will feature an onsite low carbon Central Plant that will supply the power needed for the campus.

An interesting project objective is to:

Create a physically unified campus community that respects Apple's security needs (in part through perimeter protection) Improves internal circulation and eliminates unnecessary access points by consolidating the existing properties within the campus.

So the spaceship has landed inside its private park with perimeter protection, its own world behind the fence. More at City of Cupertino.

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