More Cycle-Centric Housing from Tokyo

When we recently showed a Tokyo townhouse project for motorcyclists, a reader tipped us off to another project that packs eight townhouses for bike enthusiasts around a central court.

It is designed by Japanese architects Akiyoshi Takagi, Yuji Nakae and Hirofumi Ohno.

The walls separating each apartment unit were disposed in a radial pattern, each with a gentle curve that leads them to meet the external wall at a right angle. By connecting the angles of each room, the curved walls contribute to give the impression of a more spacious environment.

We talk a lot on TreeHugger about the old Bucky Fuller question, about using spaces for more than one function, but do wonder about this bathroom in the entry/garage thing.

There is nothing particularly green about the construction and not much we can say about big hogs. But it is a good demonstration that housing can be designed to accommodate particular needs rather than our generic North American stuff that appears to have been designed more for resale than function.

And they really do pack them in tight, yet seem to live very comfortably. Thanks to tipster Dave, via Best House Design

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Coincidentally, Fast Company puts together a post with a third un-TreeHugger house with an exoticar in the living room. House Designs That Show Off Your Hot Ride

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