Moca Cultural Center in BA Thrives with Old Factory's Furniture

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

The Moca project is a high-end apartment complex in the remains of an old cookies factory in Buenos Aires. Apart from the housing area, the place has a very modern looking Cultural Center that opened just a few months ago. And to our great surprise, the place is neatly decorated with the old factory's furniture.

Many more pics of the vintage accessories inside!Sometimes it seems like using vintage furniture in a place's decoration is going to make it look rough or funky. But the Moca Center has incorporated the old Bagley factory's chairs, sofas, cabinets, and even doors reused as large tables in a very modern way, making them look almost new.

Of course it helps that the original furniture are classics of design that are sought after even today, and surely many items that weren't as cool were left out, but we have to give them credit for trying.

And they have some very cute ideas too: take the lockers, How cool is it to paint a big red face to bring the structure back to life?

The cultural center is not quite running at full speed yet (meaning the exhibitions are few and the program not too impressive), but it does have a shop curated by the girls from Minima Huella featuring many green designers. We'll bring you photos of that next week.

So if you're in Buenos Aires, the place is really worth a visit, despite it being a little away from the main spots, in Barracas neighborhood (near the ├╝ber tourist trap San Telmo). Here's how it looks from the outside:

Additional info at the official website (in Spanish):

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