Minimal Impact, Maximum Function At Rural Dining Room In Chile

Photos: Javier Rodríguez Acevedo.

Asked to design a dining room so that workers from the Chilean countryside could have their meals under some shadow and with more comfort, architect Javier Rodriguez Acevedo came up with this simple design that uses local materials from the area in a low impact construction that blends harmonically with the surrounding.

As explained at Plataforma Arquitectura, the architect studied the characteristics of the place in contraposition with the city, and sought to create a space that respected an element very typical of the countryside: the long views to the horizon.

He also wanted to create a simple, honest construction that escaped aesthetic discourses from architecture, with the materials found in the place.

Thus he created this interesting structure that stands on top of rocks found around a river that lies close to the area. Designed as a sort of corridor, the place allows comfort without creating a closed space that affects the view.

It was constructed with wood recovered from discarded bins, four eucalyptus bars, shade-cloth and tensed wire.

Not your typical architecture project, but a nice example of good execution with low budget and impact, local materials and flawless integration with the area.

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