Michelle Kaufmann Designs McMansion Gingerbread

We wrote a year ago about Michelle Kaufmann's assault of the booming prefab modern gingerbread scene, noting that "as the mortgage crisis deepens, this may be the only modern prefab market left." We are disappointed to note that whereas last year her house was a modest, one storey number, she has gone all McMansion on us with her GingerLotus, which is definitely more than we can chew in a sitting.

I mean, we know how the cost of shipping from China has gone way up, and that there is such pressure on agricultural land, we could be approaching peak ginger and yet Michelle's gingerbread designs this year look to be at least twice as big as last.

However we also note that whereas Michelle primarily has produced modular designs, in the gingerbread biz she is taking a panellized approach, which reduces shipping costs.

But a green icing roof and chocovoltaic panels do not a green gingerbread house make. We expected more. Or should I say, less.

Make your own Gingersolaire or the more appropriately scaled Gingerlotus from last year.

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