Wow: Vividly Colored Wood Flooring Is Made by Hand (Video)

© Snedker Studio

It's not often that one gets excited over flooring (well, maybe these recycled cork penny tiles) but it's hard to resist the vibrant charms of Marbelous Wood, a line of handmade wood flooring that uses an unique coloring technique that produces pastel, tree-like rings.

Created by Danish artist Pernille Snedker Hansen, each board is painstakingly colored by hand in a process that emphasizes freeform, organic yet "supernatural" details. It's neat to see the process in action:

© Snedker Studio
© Snedker Studio

In addition to beautifully patterned flooring, Snedker also makes art, wall decor / panelling using the same technique (also available for purchase -- we wonder if Snedker might be using recycled wood or sustainably-sourced materials?). From the snedker┬░studio website:

Marbelous Wood is not representational of wood; it is the dream of wood, a supernatural wood. Like reading a book and dreaming away to another place, escaping to the colourful forest cabin. Patterns are created using the traditional aqueous surface design technique of marbling, traditionally a technique from bookbinding, which has been re-purposed and turned into a three-dimensional surface for interior design purposes. [..]

© Snedker Studio

The applied decoration engages in a dialogue with the natural growth rings of the underlying wood.

Marbelous Wood reveals the mysteries in wood, exposing its story and the immense details embodied in nature.

© Snedker Studio

Now that's flooring: functional yet unassuming, this is a lovely way to bring out the details hidden in natural materials, and to also to revive old creative techniques at the same time. More details over at snedker┬░studio.

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