Living With Less: Stylish Swedish Living In 185 Square Feet

Freshome points to a real estate listing for a tiny apartment in a lovely old 1881 building in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is only 185 square feet, but is minimally and tastefully done and looks a lot bigger.

It helps that it is in such a lovely old building with high ceilings and big windows.

In reading about Swedish interior design, one learns that since winters are so long and natural light is so limited, light, bright reflective colours are used to make every bit of natural light work. But it also makes a space feel larger.

The kitchen is modest; just a two burner stove and an undercounter fridge.

I think most designers would have pushed the bathroom into the corner and eliminated the entry hall, adding the length to the kitchen.

But entry halls provide an important transition, and this one also has the ladder up to the loft in it.

And a lovely little loft it is. More at Alvhem, where the unit is for sale for 1.415 million Swedish Kroners, or US$ 178,445.

There are so many different ways to deal with such small spaces. You can overdesign it like Zach Motl did in his 175 square feet, where you can't even move;

You can ignore design and just live with laminate like Zaarath and Christopher Prokop do in their 175 square feet;

Or, I think, get the right mix of minimalism, colour and some style.

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