Living With Less: New York Couple Manages in 175 Square Feet

Images by Angel Chevrestt in the New York Post

It is smaller than many suburban walk-in closets- an entire apartment that is only ten feet by fifteen feet. But the New York Post describes how Zaarath and Christopher Prokop (and two cats) do it. Here's how:

It's an experiment. "I wanted to live adventurously. I wanted to test my limits. I wanted to find the line between my wants and my needs."

They don't cook. "So when you don't cook, you don't need plates or pots or pans. So we use that space for our clothes." And in New York, who does?

They don't have a lot of clothes
, and apparently what they have are running clothes. They both jog to work and pick up their work clothes, "strategically stashed at various dry cleaners."

They simplified their lifestyle. "We used to be kind of frivolous," said Zaarath, a California native. "I used to collect vintage clothing, for example, and the cost of storing it and moving it was just not economically viable."

They get outside and enjoy their city. "On the weekends, we're outside exploring the neighborhood. We're at Riverside Park all the time. We're not nesters. This apartment is perfect for someone active. If you want to stay home or entertain, this is just not the apartment for you."

They are frugal. "We're going to own something in Manhattan in two years. How many people can say that? And we're very happy doing more with less."

Now there will no doubt be those who are critical of the fact that they are always eating out, or that they use dry cleaners as closets, or that they fill the closets they have with drano, illy coffee and champagne. Nonetheless, they are demonstrating how to live with a lot less, and how to take advantage of the city that they are an active part of.

More in the New York Post; found on the Unclutterer

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