Living Planter Chandelier Combines Lighting with Cacti

© Omer Arbel

Combining lighting and plants isn't as strange as it might first seem, especially if they are hung from the ceiling. Canadian designer Omer Arbel's "38 series" planter chandelier is another striking iteration of this eccentric marriage, using mouth-blown glass and a variety of plants.

© Omer Arbel

Designboom notes that the chandelier is seen and acts as a hub of activity, and uses a "mechanical conveyor system" in its design according to Armel:

The lighting object is composed of globes of blown glass whereby air is pushed in and out of the shapes which are intermittently heated and cooled. White cavities are then introduced into the spheres haphazardly, causing an intentional intersection and collision of forms. Some of these have a depth which has the capacity to contain earth for small plants, while others are used to house lighting elements. each larger orb can host two or three lanterns, along with one or two planters.

© Omer Arbel
© Omer Arbel

Compared to other hanging garden lamps we've seen, the 38 series chandelier is literally a jumble of wires (visually it's a little distracting), but on the other hand, it could be seen as mimicking climbing vines. We also like the fact that it can accommodate both cacti and soil-loving plants, and it's a clever move to use the lighting as a heating element for the plants. More of Omer Arbel's work on his website.

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