Len-Tex's Surface iQ Wallcoverings Earns Cradle to Cradle Certification

Joining gDiapers, the US Postal Service and more, Surface iQ's commercial wallcoverings have earned Cradle to Cradle certification. The only printed commercial grade wallcovering to have earned this certification, Surface iQ's products have an impressive green résumé; non-PVC composition (recall some of PVC's evils from TreeHugger TV) free of elemental chlorine, formaldehyde and halogenated fire-retardants (the kind mentioned in the recent furniture toxicity report) top the list.

In addition to these features that promote good indoor air quality, they offer a product take-back option for disposal, and are working toward elemental recycling; interestingly, they don't use recycled materials in the product, because it isn't always possible to verify the exact chemistry of recycled materials, and they want to keep the product PVC and elemental chlorine-free. ::Surface iQ and ::Cradle to Cradle via ::CSRwire

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