Kaleidoscope Trashcan Creates Colorful Visuals From Trash

© Nishant Jethi

Littering and lack of recycling receptacles is a big problem in many cities, including Mumbai, India. Local designer Nishant Jethi offers a neat idea to help curb the problem by encouraging people to actively search for a bin for their garbage. It's a trashcan that has a kaleidoscopic interior that rewards users with beautiful visual patterns -- made from the trash placed inside.

Called the Clenoscope, the designer explains on Designboom that the point is to "[experiment] with user interaction," with the overriding motto being "Cleaniness Creates Beauty":

The challenge was to make people throw waste into the trash. Turning to the kaleidoscope for reference, the act of throwing garbage is now fun. When you place the unwanted objects into the container, it creates a beautiful pattern.

© Nishant Jethi
© Nishant Jethi

Here's another image of the Clenoscope in action in a children's park in Mumbai (that plastic bottle, a real scourge in India, makes me wish this were a recycling bin, not a trash bin).

© Nishant Jethi

It makes sense to tickle people's senses in something as mundane but important as not littering, especially in places where actual designated bins can be difficult to find -- causing people to throw garbage directly into the streets or the gutter. One could imagine a whole city populated with kaleidoscopic trashcans, though we'd like to see this idea incorporated in those bland (and often badly designed) recycling kiosks we see all too often.

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