JDS Architects' Rimini Seascape :Green Roofs are Changing Architecture

It is interesting to see how the development of green roofs is actually changing architecture and design. TreeHugger previously showed Daniel Andersson's proposal in Green Roofs Meet the Ground in New Heden; now Julien de Smedt Architects do a proposal for Rimini, Italy that brings green roofs down to the ground and makes the roofscape part of the terrain.

Designboom describes it:

The powerful and recognisable pattern evokes sand ripples and sea waves and has the incredible ability to allow both longitudinal and transversal connections : to facilitate the meanderings of passers-by strolling along the boardwalk while at the same time integrating the street connections coming from the city.

But the most interesting feature is the way the town connects to the beach by essentially walking over the building.

Before the advent of green roofs you couldn't do this kind of thing.

More images at Designboom

and the crazed flash architects website of the day at Julien De Smedt Architects. Driving directions: I found the project by clicking the WHERE button, then Italy, then RMW which looked like it was in the right part of Italy.

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