Inspiration: Accessories Made With Fallen Leaves and Dry Straws

Photos: SatoriLab.

We've been seen plants and natural elements integrate to pretty much everything lately: chairs, fashion accessories, you name it. And although they're probably more concept than real sustainable solutions for products, they show interesting ways to view natural materials.

The objects from this article come from a new workshop by the Satori group in Argentina, which encouraged designers to work with fallen leaves and straws. This is what they came up with.

As we explained in a previous article, Satori is a group that works with design students to push them to think outside boundaries and in a holistic way:

Satori is not easy to explain: it's an idea, a workshop, and an open space, something that's growing. But most of all, it's an initiative whose meaning resides in its name: a Japanese Buddhist term for 'enlightenment'. That's its ambicious goal: to make design students think, experiment, get involved in the products development process and find intelligent solutions that can make intelligent products.

Their last workshop took place in Cordoba, a province located at the center of Argentina, known for its beautiful low mountain ranges and natural surroundings.

Clearly the resulting objects have the province's spirit in them, but they're also pretty neat. They're all prototypes and ideas, but they serve as inspiration to look at natural elements in a different way.

For more on Satori, and if you're in Argentina or Latin America and want to participate in one of their events, check their website.

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