Greensburg Eco-Home Competition: Two Days Left To Look At Gorgeous Drawings

Icon House

When looking at the submissions for the Chain of Eco-homes competition, I sometimes wondered if Greensburg shouldn't be renamed Sketchup City, after the rendering software that Google gives away. But whether it is Sketchup or other tools, the quality of some of the presentations is breathtaking, so far beyond what might have been submitted just a few years ago.


Whatever software they are using, these people know how to work a mouse.

Kansas Eco-cottage

This is classic Sketchup, beautifully executed, complete with interior renderings.


I don't know what it is, perhaps the proportions, but I admired this image.

Rad Eco-Home

Sometimes the tools make it too easy; are there that many trees still left in Greensburg?

Mod Panel Home

Lovely, subtle use of colour, very retro drawing style.

Burrow House

Daniel Libeskind comes to Greensburg;

Little Red House

as does Maxfield Parrish.

Outside In House

Subtle and elegant use of lighting controls.

Entry 138

And one, just one, glorious hand rendering on the classic canary sketch paper. Such memories!

Lots more incredible drawings at the Chain of Ecohomes competition. Vote for your favourite here.

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