Great Looking Trash Can + Furniture with Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic from Chile

Photos: Courtesy of Rodrigo Alonso.

Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso has come up with a new line of furniture and accessories made of post-consumer recycled plastic, moulded into cool polyhedral shapes. One of the best: a trash can that looks so nice that it seems like a crime to throw waste into it.

Check the designs and more photos in the extended.Rodrigo Alonso is a prolific designer from Chile who has had a good roll of eco-projects. After his N+ew bench and lamps with recycled electronics waste, his blightster lamp and bamboo t-shirts, now he has come up with a new line of furniture.

As mentioned, this new collection is made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic coming from toys, electronic devices, fast food trays, and everything in between. According to Alonso, these plastics are rarely recycled in Chile due to the complexity of separating the material into its different types, and, when recycled, it's usually only destined to poor-looking products.

The stools.

By means of rotomoulding, these crushed plastics are turned into different shapes, so far a stool and a trash can. To save energy in the production process, the designer chose to make shapes with flat surfaces, and came up with irregular polyhedrons.

Not only the products are long-lasting, but also at the end of their new lifetime they can be crushed and recycled again.

The trash can.

Take a look at some of the designs in the pictures above, and photos of the process to make the stools. The line is currently sold via Fahneu, an urban equipment company located at Vitacura, near Santiago de Chile.

More info at Rodrigo Alonso website.

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