Gorgeous Woodsy Finnish Entry in Solar Decathlon Wins First Prize For Architecture

Team Finland hails from Aalto University, and Alvar Aalto would be proud of this of this stunning little pile of lumber. It's passively heated and designed for the cold and dark Finnish climate, with solar hot water collectors and photovoltaics on the roof. Given the importance of wood in Finnish design and architecture, they are highlighting it:

The Luukku house aims to embody a long tradition of Finnish timber house construction.

In this house we have displayed how timber and timber based materials can be used in a variety of applications from structure, insulation, cladding, interior floor, wall and ceiling finishes, for moisture and heat buffering qualities and applications in very wet areas such as bathrooms.

They don't use the word Passivhaus, but appear to have built it like one, with very thick insulation (wood fibre, of course), and a heat exchanging ventilation system.

The plan is simple; the bed nook is a traditional feature made modern, a tiny space that will be probably kept warm by body heat.

That interior is so elegant and aalto-esque. No wonder it won for architecture. More at Team Finland

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