Gorgeous 300 Sq. Foot Live/Work Loft Has A Place For Everything

Photos: Leandro Artigala and Sergio Coluccio architects.

Presented at Casa FOA interior design exhibition in Buenos Aires, this lovely 300 sq. feet apartment is architects Leandro Artigala and Sergio Coluccio's response to the challenge of conceiving a fully working home for a student in the city. It boasts a large table that seats six at the very least, a small lounge space, library, kitchen, full bathroom, and even a dressing room! More inside.The architects divided the living space in two areas: one for work and active (table) and the other for relax (chaise longue), using different materials that can at the same time live harmoniously.

A separate wooden volume organizes the services of the home: the kitchen, the bathroom and a small dressing room that not only is great to have but also necessary.

Small spaces look good when they're not filled with things that are of everyday use (clothes, accessories, etc.) so having a place to just put stuff out of sight is key for it to work.

On top of everything is the bed, hidden as it should be, considering we only use our bedrooms one third of the time. The ladder to go up is also nicely blended in the structure.

This loft --which could easily be a proposal for the Life Edited contest-- is one of 36 spaces presented at Casa FOA, a charity interior design and architecture exhibition that happens every year in Buenos Aires. More on the event to come.

For more info on this space contact the architects at lartigala at gmail dot com and sergiocoluccio at gmail dot com.

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