Fresh Products from Valencia; These Designers Know How to Upcycle (Photos)

Yesterday night Valencia Design Week launched one of their new routes in the up and coming barrio of Ruzafa. We bloggers from the FEED discovered lots of fresh talent of which I particularly liked the show Dos de Surtido at the Hat Gallery. Surtido, a Spanish design collective, teamed up with Vaho, the Barcelona-based company that recycles advertising banners into (trash)ion. The result: high quality products created by ingenious ways of turning bicycle inner tubes and ad banners into funky objects. See you yourselves:

Travelling tags by Nadadora

"Verde que te quiero" flower pots for balconies by Marc Ligos and Mar Linés

Pencil case, also by Nadadora

Slick belt by Yonoh

"Pinzabici" trouser clip for cycling by Causas Externas

All the products will soon be available via the Vaho shop, after they will have been locally produced in workshops run by an NGO that encourages and promotes social integration.

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