Four-Piece, No Screw No Glue Modular Shelving System By Disenaveral In Buenos Aires

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Another interesting find from Buenos Aires design fair, Feria Puro Diseno (FPD), this is a modular system designed by local studio Disenaveral to build different kinds of shelving spaces that adapt to changing situations.

It's conformed of only four pieces: two types of triangles that make the supporting structure and two types of shelves for vertical or horizontal shapes (a triangular one and a rectangular alternative).

Assembled with no screws and no glue, the cool looking system is also obviously flatpack and light since it's made of wood.

Still in testing phase, the product could hit stores in a month.

Disenaveral is a design studio based in Buenos Aires run by Leandro Laurencena and Maximiliano Cifuni.

Their signature product is a line of 'playable' accessories for the home and the office.

More on them at their website.

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