FluffyCo Eco-Mobiles Bring Plants, Circuses, Birds to Life

Photo credit: FluffyCo

How much do we love FluffyCo? If we counted the ways, the Bay Area label's so-new-you-can't-even-buy-them-yet mobiles would be right at the top waving to the unwashed masses below.

All three designs are made in California from 100 percent recycled, formaldehyde-free MDF sandwiched between sustainably produced wood veneer. To minimize space—and packaging waste—the individual figures, hanging cords, and crossbars are shipped flat.Mobile lovers can choose from bird, plant, and circus themes, available in dark-toned wengé or lighter mahogany tones.

If you can't wait to get your FluffyCo fix, check out its charmingly screen-printed billfolds, made from a blend of hemp and organic cotton.

Photo credit: FluffyCo

Photo credit: FluffyCo
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