Flat-Pack Christmas Tree Made of Corrugated Cardboard is a Keeper

Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

This is one Christmas tree that will keep on going, year after year. And when its day is done, simply recycle it.

Giles Miller has been working with corrugated cardboard on a large scale for years. First seen by TreeHugger in 2006 at the London Design Festival, his furniture was an instant hit with the design crowd.

This tree is a small-scale creation which can be flat-packed and put away easily or recycled. It's a breeze to put together. You simply attach the wooden base and the little bird for the top and slide the cardboard segments around the central shaft to style any way you want.

Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

Miller also had a huge, three storey high Christmas tree at London's Design Museum. It was made with his fluting technique.

Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

To do this he alternates the angles in the corrugation of the cardboard so that it produces different shading and decorative patterns. His stunning furniture is made from the same process.

Bonnie Alter/CC BY 2.0

If Giles isn't your cup of eggnog, the Lovi handmade sustainable birch plywood tree from Finland may be. It too is a flat-pack, can be put together easily, with no tools needed. Christmas ornaments can be added, which is a nice familiar touch.

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