Facebook HQ Recycles 60s Computer Factory

Computers used to be about hardware, when Aligent made electronic measuring devices at this factory in Palo Alto. Now it is headquarters for the 850 employees of Facebook, and what a transformation it is. Studio O+A left as much of the old building as they could, recycling old lab desks and reusing cranes.

The interiors retain a lot of edgy industrial character, with organization by colour instead of walls.

They are a bit green:

Reflecting employees' desire for a green headquarters, the facility is the first commercial project completed under Palo Alto's 2008 Green Building Ordinance, making extensive use of existing architectural features, recycling millwork from the original lab, and repurposing industrial components for post-industrial use.

But most fascinating is this series of pictures of how workplaces have evolved, from the Dilbert-like cube farm from the Aligent days;

To the architect's perhaps over-the-top concept sketch for the upper level;

To the more restrained reality at completion. Lots more pictures at Dezeen and at Studio O+A

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