Expired Patent Inspires Crowd-Funded, "Modular, Makeable, Recyclable" Lamp

© Loomi Light

Bit by bit, crowd-sourced funding is enabling emerging designers to produce designs that might have never happened otherwise; this lovely modular light by four Brooklyn-based designers is one example of this shift.

© Loomi Light

After the discovery of an expired Danish patent from the 1970s, a team of young creatives turned to Kickstarter to get an idea off the ground. With the support of 649 backers, the result is the Loomi light, a "modular, makeable, paintable, recyclable light… made up of interlinking quadrilaterals that easily connect to create wonderful lights of all shapes and sizes."

Made out of recyclable, matte cardstock, the Loomi light kit comes with the 30 pieces required to make a 13-inch wide globular shape (plus 3 extra pieces just in case), and can be built in 20 minutes by following some easy instructions.

© Loomi Light

Of course, due to its modular design, the Loomi can be re-configured into a number of different shapes, kits can be combined to make a mega-Loomi and its thick material can be further customized with paint, drawing or any other crafty notions you can add to it.

© Loomi Light

Priced at $32 for the kit (plus $12 for the lamp cord), the website also seeks "Looministas" to submit and show off their personal creations.

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