Everyday Furniture Transforms Into Home Gym

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There are so many ways to approach design for exercise. Recently we showed a combination of gym equipment and desk that was high-tech, electrified and expensive, and brings fitness into the office;@mocoloco tweets us to their post on Lucie Koldova, who brings fitness equipment into the home. She uses a lot more design and a lot less tech, turning a set of parallel bars...

...into a dining table. She tells Mocoloco:

Home Fitness is a multi-functional set of objects intended for the interior. Objects serve as contemporary furniture pieces designed specially for stretching your body and easy exercising.

This armoire, with cupboard above and drawers below.....

...becomes a set of wall bars. Lucie writes:

The dimensions of each piece of furniture are optimised in order to serve both functions well. The objects will be attractive to an active demographic who enjoy stretching, working out and shaping their bodies.

It is really a completely different approach to design, a simple modification of every-day things to make them serve multiple functions. What a refreshing way of looking at things, compared to this. More at Lucie Koldova
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