Every Lamp In Buenos Aires Restaurant Made With Recycled Wine Bottles (Photos)

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Although we've seen wine bottles reused in lamps bases, other forms of lightning and even in gardens, La Dorita restaurant chain in Buenos Aires went all the way with them and its restaurants offer an impressive spectacle: bottles are everywhere from lamps to stairs and even visible from the outside in the balcony.Tomas Ferrari, manager of the restaurant, says the trend was started by a maintenance employee who wanted to find new use for the bottles the place was using and began making the lamps and decorations.

They later became such a distinctive characteristic of La Dorita that they are now in all its five branches around Buenos Aires.

Far from looking like they were forced in for the sake of recycling, the lamps blend naturally with the cozy atmosphere at the restaurants and give it a warm look. With different shapes ranging from a cross, square, triangle and circles, they are also not boring.

Their construction is pretty simple, as is visible from the photos: a chain holds an iron structure with the bulb and a transparent glass, and bottles are added to the sides.

As is also visible below, the bottles reached not only the ceilings, but also cover the stairs surroundings and balcony fence, visible from the outside of the restaurant.

La Dorita is a traditional cantine-parrilla which opened its first shop in 2002 and quickly grew to new locations. It serves a variety of dishes, but specializes in Argentine asado, so more of an option for the conscious omnivore or weekday vegetarian.

For more on La Dorita and its branches, visit their website.

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