"Eco-Apartment Building" Powered By Wood Pellets, Sunlight

So many of the green houses we see are either single family dwellings or larger projects by developers chasing LEED. But there are some lovely little projects being built around the world that both push all the green buttons and look gorgeous, like The Gebhartstrasse Apartment located in Liebefeld Switzerland by Halle 58 Architects., Found on the Contemporist.

It has a lot of glass to gather passive solar heat when required (even though it is built out of wood, the architects added gravel under the floors for thermal mass to hod the heat). If there is too much sun, there are adjustable wooden louvres to keep it out.

It is built on the site of 7 detached garages, now integrated into one. Hydronic heating is provided by a pellet stove in the basement, but they estimate that 76% of the heating will be from the passive solar. On the roof, there are 200 sf of solar photovoltaics.

Structure is based on a load-bearing wood facade, which looks reasonable from the back but impressively light and minimal on the glazed facade.

Green roof, solar and recreation all share the roof area. More at the Contemporist

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