Crazy/Cool DIY Idea: Embed Vintage Furniture in Plaster (Photos)

Photos: Courtesy of Mut Architecture.

Faced with the challenge to create a posh lounge for VIPs at the Cannes Film Festival with prohibitively low budget, the fellows from the Bronx based firm Mut Architecture came up with this interesting idea. After recuperating furniture from the streets in the French Riviera, they chopped the pieces, placed them together in weird ways, and embedded them all with other elements such as pots in plaster, with pallets as a base. Take a closer look inside.

Even though vintage furniture can be cool in itself (just take a look at the work of firms like Livin Pop or Raval Warehouse), it's always interesting to see new ideas of usage, especially for the cases when you have less than perfect or pieces in bad condition.

It's unsure what happened to these pieces after the parties were over, but let's focus on the creativity and inspiration.

The team for the project included Leo Morand, John Mascaro, Arnaud Depeyre, Michel Lecerf, Arnaud de Fortis and Emilie Gramain, from Mut Architecture.

And the final look was this:

What do you think? Would you do this at home?

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